Occultation of venus by moon astrology

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Earth rotates once every 24 hours, giving us our day but Venus takes days to make one complete rotation. From the Venus perspective, Earth is in a heated rush! Sweet Venus indeed? Most interesting of all, is her monthly metamorphosis from Evening to Morning Star. For a time we see Venus setting in the West after sunset as the Evening Star, resplendent. Then she catches up to the Sun and becomes invisible — the Underworld Dweller. Then she reappears rising in the East before dawn as the Morning Star. This too is a significant feature to explore when your birth chart is analysed.

Was Venus Goddess of the Morning at your birth — with relationships becoming a forerunner for discovering your solar purpose? Or was she the Evening Star at birth — indicating rewards received and happiness ensured when you find your solar purpose. Or was she next to the Sun, invisible, entwined with your solar purpose as the shadow half - Goddess of the Underworld?

Shamanic Venus A Shamanic approach to astrology is based on the real experience of the planets in the night sky and Venus usually makes great viewing. Whether the Evening Star or the Morning Star, she is one of the brightest objects in the evening or pre-dawn sky. Venus was either the Beauty of the Night or Beauty of the Morning at your birth, unless you were born when she was within ten degrees of the Sun and invisible.

Cosmic Pentagon The pentagon or five-pointed star symbolises the human being with hands outstretched to the cosmos. Leonardo da Vinci made this image famous but it is planet Venus that traces a five-pointed star through the heavens every eight years. The path would probably look more like a five-petalled lotus if you had the right cosmic vantage point and a spare eight years to track Venus. The pentagon shape is interesting considering that Venus represents love, and love gives we mere mortals, a sense of the divine. Deep feelings can be timeless and the pentagon aptly represents this lasting power of the human spirit.

Super Cycles Without your natal chart, you cannot know which position Venus was in at your birth.


Yet you can know with certainty that about every eight years of your life she will repeat her original position and original relationship to the Sun. Whether you are turning 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72 or other multiples of eight, an old door is reopened then. On that birthday when Sun returns to your birth position, Venus returns to her birth position as well, recapitulating your relationship dynamics — Evening, Morning or Underworld Star.

Something extra special happens if you are turning 32 or Mars repeats its original position at the same time as Venus does. All facets of your relationships are likely to be renewed then or challenged. When the male Yang Mars energy reciprocates itself at the same time as the female Yin Venus energy, a new life direction or life-changing relationship creates itself. Desire, the quality of our desire and how we attract whom and what we want are the realm of astrological Venus. The starsign a planet occupies is like the sheath or suit of clothing it dons for the play of life. Venus has so much to do with desires, need and sexual identity, that all the shadowy, shameful or guilty secrets are present too.

Venus is the arbiter of the qualities you value in a partner, the image of the beloved and even your own issues of worthiness and attraction. This light glimpse explores that strangely human swing from beauty to beast:. Beastly bad are the fires of anger, or the haste and bad timing. Venus in Taurus Beauty itself bows down before the sensual touch and seductive voice. Beast rears up as the possessive interference and habitual ways.

Venus in Gemini Your entertaining ways and charming wit are beautiful. Too bad about those dishonest, evasive slips that reveal the beast. Venus in Cancer Beautiful are your caring gentle ways, your devotion. Venus in Leo Your humorous gregarious style and great taste are your beauty pass. Your demanding, pouting petulant moments can be simply beastly. Venus in Virgo Helpful, clever and modestly competent are beautiful traits. Venus in Libra Charming, beautiful and good taste as well - your refinement is your calling card.

Venus in Scorpio Wild passions that sweep you away and drown you in desire, can be a beautiful or a beastly experience. Venus in Capricorn Holding onto things you value brings you beautiful experiences. If you only value material wealth, the beast emerges. Venus in Aquarius Giving your all for the group or community interests gains you a beautiful reputation.

The beastly side is when power plays overrule personal passions. Venus in Pisces Your mystical compassionate caring ways make for beautiful loving. Loss of identity and excess sacrifice can be rather beastly. Some of the titles this goddess has accrued from the myths of various cultures are: Inanna, Ishtar, Astarte, Hathor, Bast, Aphrodite and of course Venus.

She shares some aspects of the great lunar goddesses. These titles give you a taste of Venus as luscious but potentially trouble!

While the word Venus comes from Roman mythology, it is her predecessor from Ancient Greece — Aphrodite, whose myth we will explore. There are many heroic journeys made by mortal men in Greek mythology, but there is only one series of tasks set for a woman — the tasks set by Aphrodite. From Spain for example, you can capture a beautiful diagonal with the Galactic Center shining. You can also capture Star Trails. However, take care of your composition because often times the foreground is as important or more than the background.

So take a good look at the sky, how you're going to paint with the stars, and how you're going to combine those trails with a catching subject. But the best night for photographing it is the one between May 6 and 7.

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The peak is on May 6 at UTC with 55 meteors per hour. Although it's best visible in the Southern Hemisphere. In the Northern Hemisphere it has a lower intensity. Mars passes at 3.

What Is an Occultation?

Conversely, if you're in the Southern Hemisphere, make the most of the long winter nights. They're perfect for capturing tack sharp stars! June is a perfect month to do so in both hemispheres. At this time the Moon phase is 2. From Patagonia, where the skies are extremely clean, you can capture a beautiful vertical. And from the USA you have the option of capturing a panorama at the beginning of the night and a vertical one before sunrise ;. At this time the Moon phase is 1. Mars passes at 1. Venus passes at 5. Unfortunately, the cluster is not clearly and completely visible at this time of year.

You can only glimpse it if you are at equatorial latitudes or near the Tropic of Capricorn south of the equator , slightly above the horizon just before dawn. At UTC, Jupiter is at its closest approach to Earth and its visible face is completely illuminated by the Sun at a magnitude of This is the best time to observe and photograph Jupiter and its four largest moons, which appear as bright spots on both sides of the planet.

However, even being at its closest approach to the Earth, you can only distinguish Jupiter as a star-shaped spot of light with the naked eye. Use a pair of good binoculars to see the planet more clearly as a light spot along with its moons. Mercury is at a magnitude of 0. The occultation is visible in southern South America and southern Africa.

A Guide to the Best Astronomical Events in 12222: When, Where And How To Shoot Them

The June solstice is at UTC. This is also the first summer day summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the first winter day winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. In July is full of surprises that go beyond the usual events that occur at this time of year If you don't have the chance to be close to where they happen, make the most out of the days around the New Moon and look for locations: July is a great month to photograph the Galactic Center of the Milky Way. Or would you prefer to work on creating Star Trails?

Have you ever captured a circumpolar? Then it's a good time to try. Totality occurs at UTC. Although this information depends on your position within the path of totality.

So use PhotoPills to plan in detail the total solar eclipse. The path of totality is only visible in the southern Pacific Ocean, central Chile and central Argentina. The partial eclipse is visible in most of the southern Pacific Ocean and in western South America. Please be cautious and use a solar filter along with a pair of solar eclipse glasses if you plan to observe or photograph the total solar eclipse of the Sun.

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To learn how to plan and photograph the solar eclipse, take a look at our detailed guide to solar eclipses. At this time the Moon phase is 4. Mercury is at a magnitude of 1. At UTC, Saturn is at its closest approach to Earth and its visible face is completely illuminated by the Sun at a magnitude of 0. This is almost the maximum inclination they can have so you can clearly observe them. However, even being at its closest approach to the Earth, you can only distinguish Saturn as a star-shaped spot of light with the naked eye.

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Use a telescope to see the planet along with its rings.

occultation of venus by moon astrology Occultation of venus by moon astrology
occultation of venus by moon astrology Occultation of venus by moon astrology
occultation of venus by moon astrology Occultation of venus by moon astrology
occultation of venus by moon astrology Occultation of venus by moon astrology
occultation of venus by moon astrology Occultation of venus by moon astrology
occultation of venus by moon astrology Occultation of venus by moon astrology

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