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Finally, we can look to the placement of Isis in our charts as a point of focus through which we can heal the fragmentation of our own soul, as well as help retrieve and heal the fragmentation of the souls of others. The bottom line of this ability sources from Love, pure and simple- the consciousness of love and an open heart that is the connective tissue between everything, including all of our own disparate mental and emotional pieces that feel like they are lost on the floor like puzzle pieces at times.

I realize this makes Isis sound somewhat like Chiron in astrology, but I believe Isis functions more explicitly through love and is more about a healing of our wholeness through a death and resurrection process than Chiron.

Working with Isis can involve a deep process that involves a death of current emotional or mental patterns in order to retrieve and heal our fragmented parts. In my own chart, for example, with Isis in Pisces in my 10th house conjunct my Pisces Midheaven and Pisces Mercury at the very end of my 9th House, I have ultimately become a teacher in a public role. However, I grew up incredibly shy with a speech impediment to which I responded by barely talking to anyone, and certainly never in public.

Age of Aquarius

One of the first ways I was able to get in touch with my voice was through my writing, using the combination of my Isis, Mercury, and Midheaven in that way, and placing myself out in public first through my writing, rather than my speaking. This experience was still intense for me, even through my writing, but ultimately I have been gradually returning to my whole self in my public speaking.

The esoteric link between the Moon and Virgo, and so between the Moon and Isis, will be highlighted this week with an intense Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on April 25, As we head into the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of April 25 this week, and an intense eclipse season of May, it will be more difficult as it always is during eclipse season to assert our own Will into the world around us from an ego-personality perspective.

Hopefully, the figure of Isis can be of service to you in your ability to merge your Will with Higher Will, and connect with your Higher Self and Love consciousness. These upcoming times of the May eclipse season are likely to be intense- if we can embody the love and devotion of Isis and face whatever happens with an open heart that is open to whatever experience comes our way and whatever feelings, no matter how painful, well up from within, we can ultimately cultivate greater healing for ourselves through reassembling our emotional being into a more complete whole, synthesizing greater wisdom and an expansion of our love-consciousness in the process.

Keep reading. In Esoteric Astrology, the Rising sign is seen as more central to a person than their Moon sign. Hi, good question!

Esoteric Astrology - The Planets - Jupiter

The Sun is seen as your present and current life obstacles. And The Moon is seen as your past and past life. This is due to the Rising Sign referring to the Eastern most part of your chart. Anything to do with the East is seen as very powerful and influential because the Sun always rises in the East and sets in the West. It was thought to be orbiting between the Sun and Mercury and rightfully named for the same God from whom Volcanoes get their name. The theoretical planet came from an attempt to determine a phenomenon that Einstein later explained with his theory of relativity.

Though irregularities in the orbit of Uranus was explained by Neptune, a supermassive object like the Sun can bend the space and time around it, altering the path of light from it. Several times, Hephaestus was open to the venusian values of Taurus: working hard to create beautiful and functional commodities, collaboration, mediation, and a general search to find value inside himself that can be reflected in his work. Almost as often, he is met with Martian opposition- both the warlike Aries side as well as the vindictive Scorpio-esque dark side.

Yet Haphaestus was still able to come out on top with creative cunning, crafting devices to capture both Hera as well as Aphrodite for answers. Though they are both patron gods of arts and humanities, as well as siblings not by blood- they both were asexually reproduced , Athena was more greatly admired. Vulcan shows traits in his esoteric home, Taurus, with these Libra-Scorpio obstacles.

This is what they learn from their sister Scorpio, to relate to their emotions and convey them to others on a regular basis, most often executed in the exalted moon sign Taurus. In the beginning, everyone avoided Hephaestus for his looks but that was only half the reason- he was equally unpleasant to talk to as he was to look at.

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At the Esoteric, soul level, Taurus realizes that when one door closes, another opens. They can manifest life with their own determination. Subconscious in Taurus energy, Vulcan wants desperately to suspend his problems in the air to demand answers, but eventually he realizes that that can only get him so far. Vulcan, and deep inside Taurus, has to let go of his past hardships and release his pain, instead of just stubbornly identifying with it, in order to heal and express himself unfiltered.

They can then release Hera their emotions from her suspended state, and allow the creative energy of life to live out its natural cycle, preserving it and not just the fruits of such. Accepting and understanding the Scorpio cycle of death and rebirth gives relief from a bitter, tamasic taste in ones mouth and opens the palate up in ways one never imagined. In this way, Vulcan can leave the Fixed Cross of material attachment and enter the Mutable cross, knowing that energy is neither created nor destroyed but recycled into forms that deserve equal respect as they bring growth and prosperity in their own rights.

Vulcan in the signs and houses. Full article here. I offer them to you as a starting point, an initial frame of reference, in our collective quest to discern and recognize the various arenas of growth, types of consciousness expansion, and fields of service that can be intended by the human soul. Of course, the esoteric significance of the rising sign must be modified by many factors, most significantly, by planets in the first house, aspects to the ascending degree, and the house position, sign, and aspects of the esoteric ruler of the ascendant.

ARIES — Replacing instinctual desire with will; the increasing assertion of the Higher Self; discerning Divine Will by birthing new ideas to aid the evolution of the planet; embodying Divine Will by personifying and enacting these ideas. CANCER — Realizing the Oneness of all manifested life, human, animal, vegetable, and mineral; using innate attunement to mass consciousness to build forms that will uplift and inspire Humanity toward the universal Love of the heart chakra.

LEO — Becoming centered in God-consciousness by perfecting the personality and infusing it with soul energy in order to radiate Love to others; leading a humanitarian service group and cooperating with other group leaders in a unified effort to usher in a higher planetary consciousness. VIRGO — Refining the personality so that it can receive the energies of the soul and thus birth the Christ Consciousness in the self; helping to rearrange the physical plane in preparation for receiving the higher energies necessary for planetary initiation.

LIBRA — Seeing the other as part of oneself; incorporating insights from others in order to realize the balance between, and unity of, the personality and the Higher Self; becoming Whole through cooperation with the Higher Self and the Divine Plan. SCORPIO — Transmuting lower desires into Higher Will through the testing and purging of the personality; being a spiritual warrior and catalyst of healing through the embodiment and transmission of Divine Power.


CAPRICORN — Developing patience, persistence, and perseverance by working productively within the limitations of matter, time, and space in order to progress spiritually, become increasingly involved with the Forces of Light, and assume greater responsibilities in helping to manifest the Divine Plan on Earth. AQUARIUS — Waking up to the universality of Spirit and the Divine essence and unity of all beings, interplanetary and extraplanetary; serving uniquely and lovingly in a cooperative effort with other servers, under the direction of the Planetary Hierarchy, to help the whole of Humanity awaken and take its next step forward in consciousness.

PISCES — Becoming aware of ingrained personal attitudes, cultural thoughtforms, and societal institutions which hinder planetary progress, then wielding Power to transmute these into higher forms of energy, thus clearing the way for the new thought forms which will serve the the Divine Plan of evolution for the planet and the solar system. Whatever you do and no matter how strong the urge to leave your own particular mark on your creations, your efforts must have some group relevance.

Apparently, this is what it means:. Talent in communications and spiritual philosophies. Dream big ventures and can do about anything you desire. Three types of 3 : studious, social, and emotional. Optimistic, outgoing, personal charm. Tremendous creativity, but with a tendency to scatter your energies. Concentration and focus are keys to your success, need to be goal-oriented.

People appear out of nowhere to assist you in key situations. You are social and, need an audience and the support of others to fully realize your abilities. Tendency to be superficial, moody, intolerant. With focus, you possess the natural talents to attain a high degree of excellence. View On WordPress. Originally posted by kanneki. Esoteric astrology seems bogus.

Challenges are what gets us up in the morning. A life of ease is what creates the thrill seekers who bungee jump, mountain climb, and skydive. What these people understand whether consciously or unconsciously, is that by facing your fears you receive the greatest gift of self-mastery.

Saturn or Kronos in Mythology

Once you understand the limits, from a…. I took some time off to welcome my beautiful Virgo daughter onto the Earth plane in late August.

Alan Leo and modern astrology

Now, onto other cosmic business. Since my last post in June countless events have transpired.

Isis in Astrology

We had a dark Moon Eclipse start the party. Venus turned direct and Pluto turned direct too,…. The basic aim of this endeavor is to establish right human relations between man and man, between nation and nation, and to create a world wide tendency toward the good of every man and of all nations. Goodwill is an energy which is constructive, positive and creative. It heals cleavages, emotional and mental barriers, and leads to total understanding.

This energy is found at the core of every person. The task of people of goodwill is to find ways to release that energy and create a mighty force toward international understanding and global unity.

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