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On Tuesday, Venus enters Pisces and your house of friendships, helping you feel social and creative.

Leo Monthly Horoscope: December |

Some surprise meetings on Wednesday stimulate your creative juices. Your planetary ruler Mars enters Gemini on Sunday, beginning a period of personal transformation.

Things clear up for you this week, Sagittarius! With Mercury moving forward, you finally have more traction to work your personal matters out.

The moon enters Sagittarius today.

Venus moves into Pisces on Tuesday, bringing a sense of comfort to your home life, and helping to soothe whatever uncertainty Pisces season stirred up. Action planet Mars moves into Gemini on Sunday, occupying the sector of your chart that rules relationships, and making your partner a driving force in your life. Follow their lead. If they come across too aggressive Mars can be abrasive , you can easily check them with a call in, not a call out. But on Tuesday, Venus enters Pisces and moves into your house of learning and communication, making you more intellectually curious and sparking interest in creative pedagogy.

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Venus connects with rebellious Uranus on Wednesday, piquing your attraction to unusual modes of self-expression, maybe through art. Mercury ends its retrograde on Thursday, helping you express very abstract concepts.

Leo Weekly Horoscope from 18th March - 25th March

Action planet Mars enters your house of work on Sunday, igniting a period of being a supercharged weekday warrior, slaying your to-do list every day. Put that strength to good use, Capricorn!

Leo Daily Horoscope

On Wednesday, Venus connects with Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, opening you up to a surprising boost of support through your family or roommates. This week, you come out of your shell.

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Both Aries and Leo are Fire Signs. This tends to be a very heated and passionate relationship. Both of these Signs have boundless energy, so both will always be on the go. Aries gives Leo the assertiveness to charge ahead and take chances, while Leo can help teach Aries to stabilize and follow things through.

The mutual admiration both Signs share for one another.

Horoscope today: March 25, 12222

With Aries as the initiator and Leo as the one who follows through, they both have their integral niche within the partnership. Their mutual energy and passion makes theirs a dynamic relationship. The metal Rat encourages you to be more practical and goal-oriented, and the info revealed in your personalized Chinese Forecast can help you get down to important business.

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march 25 horoscope leo leo March 25 horoscope leo leo
march 25 horoscope leo leo March 25 horoscope leo leo
march 25 horoscope leo leo March 25 horoscope leo leo
march 25 horoscope leo leo March 25 horoscope leo leo
march 25 horoscope leo leo March 25 horoscope leo leo
march 25 horoscope leo leo March 25 horoscope leo leo

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